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2018 Social 1


   AGM 2018

The 2018 HCA AGM has been set for Sunday February 25th 10am at the Humber Royal Hotel.

Documents for the 2018 AGM are now available for download from within the members section. 

Minutes from the 5th March 2017 AGM are provisional and subject to member’s approval at the 2018 AGM.

Please note that no social events should be booked in the clubhouse for that day.

  Lobster pots and small craft safety

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   See the CA (Cruising Association) YouTube video regarding Lobster Pots Here.

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Interesting photo taken by a Drone during Coastguard Training on 24th October 2017


  Dredging 2017

Our Dredging programme for 2017 is now completed, a big thank you to all the people that helped us move the boats around. We moved over 115 boats twice to enable the dredging the take place, it was a mammoth achivement.

  For Sale

Check out our "For Sale & Wanted" page with many more boats now for sale.

  Yacht Racing

Check out our Yacht Racing page for the great Trophies to be won (and kept) by the winners of this seasons racing.

 Notice to Mariners

Notice to Mariners received via the RHYC is too important for anyone enjoying a little early season sailing to wait for the next Suffolk Newsletter.

THE DEBEN ENTRANCE Summary of a discussion Suffolk Section member Bram van der Have had with John White, Harbour Master at Felixstowe Ferry, on 12 February 2017: “It is evident that significant change is taking place in the Deben Entrance over the winter 2016/17.  Since last Autumn the entrance buoys have been re-laid twice already but again last week at a very low tide the harbour master boat hit the bottom in the middle of the channel. Trinity House is due to carry out its usual survey with the aim that the assistant Felixstowe Ferry HM Stephen Reid can re-lay the Trinity House buoys by Easter. In the meantime, most likely in early March, John White will do his own survey and publish his usual chartlet on the Deben Entrance web site – see www.debenestuarypilot. The local fishermen have started to use an alternative entrance, which points more Easterly and is at the moment an easy straight passage .  It is the view of John White that following a few more weeks winter weather this will become the new official entrance and will subsequently be shown on the chartlets and be buoyed. In the meantime be careful NOT to use last years printed charts nor the electronic versions on Navionics etc. as most likely they will also be out of date. Should you wish to consult the Felixstowe Ferry HM before leaving or entering the river, do not hesitate to contact them.”  Contact phone numbers: John White 01394-270106, mob. 07803 476621 Stephen Read mob 07860 191768

  Internet / WiFi Vouchers

Members please be advised that arrangements have been made for existing 2016 WiFi voucher codes to be rolled forward into 2017 so there is no need to enter new codes into your devices. As such no new codes will be sent out to members and LTV’s.

  Visitor Boat Disruption

Please note, we are now fully open for visiting boats, our recent pontoons upgrade project has now been completed.   

 What a great Picture of the HCA. 

HCA at Night

  Children say Thank you to HCA fishing club

Children Humberston 1


 May Marion's passage to Bremerhaven 2015

Bill Hudsons log of May Marion's passage to Bremerhaven 2015 now available within the "Cruising" section..

 New, Members Hand Book

The Committee have been working on updating the HCA Members Hand Book. A copy of this document is available within the “Committee & Members” section of our website. 

 Waste Disposal

Would members please note that the waste collection point is not suitable for product containing hazardous materials. Eg. Fridges & Freezers etc. The HCA has no means of disposing of this type of product.

Please ensure that you use our recycle bins respectively as signages displayed.

 Moorings Availability

  For current mooring availabilty please view our Berthing & Membership Page.

 Members Communication

Members are advised to ensure that the Office have their preferred method of communication on file. (Email or Post).

Naturally email is more cost effective for the Association, and if this is selected as your preference then ALL correspondence will be sent to you in this manner. (Bills, Fees, AGM info etc.)

  Wind Cats

See the latest Notice to Mariners from Associated British Ports regarding the new routes for the Wind Cat Boats using the River Humber and the port of Grimsby.

  Wifi System

A Wifi system is available within the HCA clubhouse and this information is intended to aid members and visitors alike in the use of this system, whilst also provide an outline as to what the system should deliver.

Access to the Wifi system is via a unique voucher code which is required each time you wish to log into the system, A Wifi voucher code for visitors can be obtained from the Berthmaster. Users need to login to 'Humber Cruising WiFi', then open your browser to enter your voucher code.

It is important to note that the club currently only has access to a single internet line with a modest capacity of 7Mb for the whole marina. Many members will have more capacity at home than we have available for the whole club, and fibre optic broadband in not currently available within the Fish Docks.

As such please read this document "Additional Info" which will outline what the new system is designed and intended to deliver.

By using the HCA Wifi system you are also agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of use which can be viewed Here 

Some quick tips:-

After you have made the connection to 'Humber cruising WiFi', if the login page does not appear automatically:

                -  Try opening your browser - this may then open the login page
                -  Alternatively once the browser is open try searching for something, which should initiate the login page.

Alternatively contact Camping Connect on  08435 236 236.

By way of additional support the below documents have been provided by the Wifi system providers to aid any member or visitor who may experience any difficulties in connecting to the system.

                           Support Document 1     Support Document 2

 Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Tel 08435 236 236  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   should you require any additional support.

 Members please be aware

Donna Nook Firing Range 53 ͦ 28.0 N  0 ͦ 15.0 E

Sea danger area marked by boys DZ No. 1–6 and the coats.

Although no restrictions are in place on the right to transit the firing area members are advised to exercise particular caution whilst in the area due to intensive military air activity conducted at low level.

Good practice is to check with the Coastguard or Donna Nook Range on VHF Ch.16 before attempting to enter this area.

  Yorkshire Ouse Sailing Club

Dear Commodore

National Coatswatch Institution ( NCI )

NCI Press Release 13 08 2014

 Mooring Available

Steve Thompson has kindly offered to any interested member the opportunity of taking ownership of his mooring at Holy Island of Lindisfarne. This is a drying mooring situated within the inner harbour (the Ouse) of Holy Island. These moorings are very hard to come by and full details of the costs and type of mooring are available directly from Steve or the HCA admin office.

 Forum & Discussion

It's BACK..  Registered HCA site users (when logged in) can now enter the "Forum & Discussion" area from the right hand links. Give it a try, and have a chat about all things HCA.

 Association Membership

If considering becoming a member or LTV of the HCA please read our "Berthing & Membership" page Here

 Promote your club and fly the HCA Burgee

Available from the Berthmaster.ONLY £15 each !!

HCA Small

 Boat Upgrades

Would all members please note letter regarding boat upgrades. Available for download from the "Important Announcements" link within the committee area. Or Click Here 


We are always looking to add relevant content to our website. As such all members are encourage to make contributions to the site.

If you have anything you feel would be of use or interest on the website please contact HCA Web Admin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or any Committee member for consideration and uploading.

 For Sale & Wanted

If you have any items that you would like posted on our website please contact Doug Scriven or Cliff Bulgin

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