Humber Estuary

All boat owners are reminded that they share the Humber Estuary with commercial shipping. It is important that skippers understand and comply with International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea which are laid down by the controlling authority (Associated British Ports ABP). While navigating on the Humber a listening watch should be kept on VHF 16 and 12 (VTS Humber - Vessel Traffic Services).

 Recommended Routes Into The Humber

Inward from the North

Heading South towards the Spurn Light Float from a Latitude of 53° 35'N, will ensure that craft will pass clear of the Outer Binks. On approaching the Spurn Light Float either join the Traffic Separation Scheme or alter course to make good 245° (T), passing North of the Spurn Light Float and heading for the No.3 Chequer Light Buoy.

At the No.3 Light Buoy join the scheme or enter the precautionary zone, heading in a Southerly direction until clear of the scheme before turning to a Westerly direction to pass South of the No.2B Light Buoy; 5 cables South of the Tetney Monobuoy; close South of the No.2C Light Buoy; close West of the No.4 Light Buoy and then to proceed towards the No.4A Cleeness Light Float making a safe entry into the river.

Outward to the North

Small craft may depart using the traffic separation scheme, leaving the scheme using the cautionary zone adjacent to the No 3 Chequer Light Buoy or continuing to join the main cautionary zone past the Spurn Light Float before tuning to the north. A safer route, clear of the larger vessels, would be to reverse the inward recommended track, suggested above.

Inward from the South

Small craft not wishing to use the traffic separation scheme can approach the Humber by passing seaward of the Donna Nook Firing Range, commencing north of the DZ No. 3 Light Buoy, making good a course of 298°T to a position south of the No. 3 Chequer Light Buoy cautionary zone, before altering course to a westerly direction, following the route recommended for small craft from the north at this juncture.

Outward to the South

Small craft, if not wishing to use the traffic separation scheme, can use the reverse of the inward from the south recommended route.

Link to the ABP Humber Estuary Services including a diagram & Harbour Authority Byelaws, click here (opens in new window)

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